Weld-Neck Flange

Weld-neck flange

Weld-neck flange is a kind of flange that butt welds the pipe with the neck.  

Production Size:1/2"-96"

Pressure range:PN16,PN25,PN40,PN64,PN100,PN250

Production Standard:BS,JIS,GOST,ANSI,DIN,GB

Main Material of parts:


The shape of Weld-neck flange isn`t easy to change,The sealing performance of Weld-neck flange is very good.It is wildly applied. Weld-neck flange is suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuations of the pipeline or high temperature and high pressure and low temperature pipeline,generally used for connecting pipes and valves of above 2.5MPa; Weld-neck flange is also used in the pipeline which transport expensive, flammable and explosive medium.

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